Take your temperature anywhere using an FDA approved Bluetooth-enabled smart personal thermometer that syncs with the PreCheck app to track temperature readings, integrate optional COVID-19 test results and answer health screening questions venues may require for entry.

PreCheck produces a Pass/Fail QR Code that, based on pre-configured workplace or venue requirements, allows you to skip the lines and get to where you need to go fast.

Know before you go with PreCheck, available for consumers, enterprises and venues.


Available August 2020

Just like 9/11 changed airport security forever, COVID-19 will forever change the way businesses take precautionary measures for their health and safety of their employees and their customers.

Fully restarting the global economy will require new pre-screening measures that can ensure the health and safety of others. We need to get back to enjoying sports, socializing with our friends, enjoying our summer breaks, and attending large gatherings.

PreCheck can accelerate that process.

PreCheck will help stop the spread of COVID-19 without compromising the privacy of users.


  • At home temperature check
  • Integrated COVID-19 test results
  • Create instant HealthXert™️ and bypass screening lines
  • READY Admin Platform: Customize requirements for Pass/Fail entry into your buildings with integration to access control systems

The feevr business team develops relationships with companies such as sports leagues, restaurants, concerts and many places of mass gatherings. The purpose of this relationship is so the venue supports feevr PRECHECK as a fast pass screening process.

Why PreCheck?

Just like 9/11 changed airport security forever, COVID-19 will forever change the way businesses take precautionary measures for their health and safety of their employees and their customers.

Restaurants may now have less tables to increase the distance between customers, health clubs and gyms may require gloves before members can workout, and businesses will demand their employees are in good health as an extra security measure before they can enter the workplace. Even smaller businesses like retail shops and beauty services will need to take precautionary screening measures to ensure a customer is safe to serve, and track those that may pose a higher health risk. 

Most airports, sports venues and large corporations are accustomed to funneling crowds and controlling access points, but no business is prepared to manage the long wait times that health and wellness checks will bring to their screening process.

Enter PreCheck, a personal thermometer and facial recognition app that allows employees, students, customers and fans to take their own temperature and sync the results to access systems like employee and school badges, event ticketing, reservations, and more.

How It Works

Taking Your Temperature

Scan your temperature with our two-step system.  We first use a facial recognition scan to make sure your face matches up with your profile.

Simultaneously, we scan your body temperature to let you know what range you're in, and the results are automatically sent to destinations that you select like your employer, events, or brands (sports arena, restaurants, etc.)

Brand Integration for venuEs

feevr can directly integrate with different event apps on the your phone to send your temperature reading to the event before you attend to ensure you can PRECHECK and bypass temperature  reading lines.

Brand Integration for Enterprise

The PRECHECK app is integrated with the enterprise's single sign-on system allowing PRECHECK to send the employer the captured PRECHECK data which in turn allows the employee to bypass temperature scanning lines.

x.labs IT works with enterprise IT organizations to integrate PRECHECK data with the Employer’s branding/logo and data systems to allow the employee to PRECHECK their temperature.

Quick Scan

Customers or employees show the business their QR code, and the business will scan and show one of two readings.

NORMAL - the individual’s temperature falls within the normal body temperature level.
ELEVATED - the individual’s temperature is higher than the normal level, and business or employer can decide to refuse the individual’s entry or separate them for further screening.

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FEEVR enables the user to identify individuals with a possible elevated body temperature, efficiently and effectively from a safe distance, without making direct body contact, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination of infectious disease.

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